A Day in the Life

I was asked to be a part of a ‘day in the life’ link up along with some other fabulous ladies: Krista from See you next Tuesday, Maria Fe from Hello Jack, Sara from Sara Dear, Alison from Mom in the Moon, and Cassie from True Agape. This is my first time ever doing this […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Top O The Morning to Ya! What a great day it’s going to be! *eyeroll* I get on the elevator this morning and a lady says to me, “How’s the little one doing?” I say good. She says, “How old is she now?” I say 9 months. She says, “Awwww, ya, babies don’t stay babies […]

Rock N Play

Sounds like a video game or something right? Maybe to someone that doesn’t have babies. This thing, this Rock N Play, was a lifesaver! There are many different ones out there so I can only attest to the one we have (which is the Graco Little Lounger Rock N Play) but I’ve heard good things […]

Nap Jail – part 2

If you remember one of my first posts, I talked about nap jail. nap jail noun being confined to an area or space such as a couch or chair because of the finally sleeping child in your arms. “I’d love to eat right now, but I’m stuck in nap jail and afraid the baby will […]