Babymel Zip & Zoe Mini Backpack – Product Review

Originally Published August 31, 2017 by Fifty Shades of Mommy

You. Guys. So I got this adorable little Zip and Zoe backpack (+ Safety Harness/Reins) through a Mom Marketer program (Babymel) with my daughter in mind. I figured, it was the perfect size for her and she could take this with her to daycare/school and put a few of her favorite things in it. It is also this adorable floral pattern! So I get it, and my daughter puts it on for a little bit and doesn’t really think much of it. Mind you, she already carries her baby around in a miniature SSC and is used to having something buckled to her. So my son started pointing and fussing because he wanted to put it on. And let me tell you, that kid’s face lit up like a Christmas tree! He literally ran around the house with it on for HOURS! (see video below)

So needless to say, it has become a fight over who gets to wear it and I will soon be ordering another one so they each have their own! I haven’t yet used the harness/reins because to be honest, I tend to carry my kiddos or put them in a stroller when they are out. But this could be a great way to give them some independence. Landon will come up to me with this backpack and ask me to put it on and just sit around with it on all day long. When he’s been fussy all day because he’s teething, I don’t say much about him sitting quietly on the couch with this backpack on and watching some TV. We pick our battles in this house!

My daughter still loves the backpack, and she puts some of her favorite toys in it to keep them away from her younger brother…can’t say I blame her! As you can see in the pictures below, she wakes up and puts it on right away. Also, on weekends we tend to let the kids run around in their pj’s all day, so I’m not sure what time of day it actually is in the pictures. Ha!

We LOVE our Babymel Zip and Zoe backpack! Not only is it the perfect size and super cute, it’s MACHINE WASHABLE!!! I don’t think kid’s toys should be sold if they are not machine washable. I may refuse any and all non-machine washable toys going forward. Because. Ew. There is also a little place on the inside that you can write their name so it doesn’t get mixed up with others. OH and it has this adorable little tag (the white button looking thing) that is musical. When your kid can’t stop clicking on it, it does get annoying. BUT at least you know where they are in the house at all times! It sings “Zip and Zoe” and then there are some giggles. My kids love it and it makes them laugh and they click the button over. and over. and over. and over. Until you don’t even realize it’s on anymore.

I would totally suggest this for anyone with kids age 1-4 or maybe even 5. It’s the perfect size and it gets them ready for school! (sniff sniff….tear). I’ll be getting ready to send my kid off to school in 11 days. And we’re done talking about it. Because otherwise I’ll get too emotional. So, if you want one of these cute backpacks, shop here. They have SO many cute designs and you and your kids are going to love them! (They also have a bigger sizes for older kids!)

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