World Down Syndrome Day 2016

Today I will celebrate Leilani for the person she is and will become someday. And if you’ve met her, you know she is one spunky adorable little girl that lights up a room with her smile and her laughter. I will also celebrate the people in our lives that have accepted her and are teaching their children and families the love and compassion and acceptance of others. Those people are true advocates for Leilani just as much as we try to be! Thank you 🙂 and Happy World Down Syndrome Day! Spread the word!

20 Week Ultrasound

Well, it’s true – having your second baby is SO different than having your first. We’ve reached 20 weeks today (halfway there!) and I have exactly 4 pictures of my bump. At this point with Leilani, I was taking a picture almost every week starting at something ridiculous like week 5. But who has time for that […]

Down Syndrome Facts

Knowledge is power. Do your research. Don’t just repeat things that you’ve heard from other people. If you are going to talk about something like Down Syndrome, please know what you are talking about. Please understand that some things aren’t acceptable to say and may come off as offensive. Please don’t write my daughter’s future because of a diagnosis. All people are different, whether they have Down Syndrome or not. If you have questions, ask.

Strawberries Galore continued

If you missed my initial post about the strawberries, you can find it here! I finally used up the last bit of strawberries! First, I made strawberry ice cubes. Basically I put a bunch of strawberries in the food processor, pulsed until they were pureed, but still chunky, and then put them in my food […]