How Hiring a Cleaning Company Saved My Sanity and Brought Peace Back to My Life

Originally Published March 30, 2021 by Fifty Shades of Mommy

It’s spring. Everywhere you look, there are articles in magazines and ads for ways to get your home cleaned and organized. I love organization and it really makes me happy. But these days, I don’t have time. Do you sometimes wish you had more time to yourself? But every time you turn around, you see something else that needs to be cleaned? Am I the only one that has anxiety about this? My to-do list just keeps growing and growing. Have you gotten into arguments with your significant other over the dishes stacking up in the sink? Or the garbage not getting taken out when it clearly stinks? Do you look around your house at the dust and think, “Hmm, in all of my free time, I need to dust the mantle today.”

It was getting to the point where everything was causing an argument in our house. The laundry wasn’t getting done, the bathrooms weren’t getting cleaned, the dishes kept stacking up, but we were both so exhausted that it was just too much. I suggested to my husband that we could get a cleaner (for months) and he kept saying that we should be able to do it all, that we shouldn’t have to pay someone to clean for us. And just when I was at my breaking point, he set up an appointment with a cleaning company to come give us a quote. (I honestly think he was just trying to prove his point). What ended up happening was that we were both surprised at how affordable it was and ended up signing up for their services that day. 

Now every two weeks, I have cleaners come to my house. They don’t pick up our stuff laying around so there is still the need to do that, and they don’t clean my entire house, just the areas we chose to get help in. Our laundry still needs to be done and put away, but now I have someone to deep clean my bathrooms, dust things I can’t even reach, and make my kitchen shine! 

After they left from the first cleaning, I felt….relieved. SO relieved. Like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. That may sound crazy to some people, I realize that. Especially because you have to let go of little things. I’m one of those people that cleans myself instead of asking for help because ‘I’m the only one that does it the right way’. But I finally freed myself of that and now I can go about my business and spend more time with my husband and my kids.
When you don’t see your significant other very much and then when you do, it’s all arguments, it’s not fun for anyone. No one is happy. And then….you come home to a clean house. You take a deep breath. It smells clean. You look up and the dust is gone from the blades of the ceiling fan. You sit down on your couch and notice that the Cheerios have been vacuumed up out of your carpeting and out of your couch cushions. You can breathe again. That’s what it’s like after you hire a cleaner. Like a million bricks have been lifted off of your shoulders. And you can take that little bit of time that you would have spent cleaning and you can spend it with your family. So I say WHY NOT? Why not take something off of your plate so you can focus on the things that really matter to you and you can maybe put your feet up and snuggle again.

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