Monday Meals – November 14th, 2016

Originally Published November 14, 2016 by Fifty Shades of Mommy


I promise that I have been meal planning, I just haven’t been posting. I thought I did last week, but obviously did not. I can’t tell these days whether I’m coming or going. We are currently selling our house and trying to buy our forever home and be moved out in a few weeks! Craziness I tell ya! And when it’s all over with, my only hope is that I’m bored. Can I just be bored for 1 day? I don’t remember what that’s like anymore.

Anyway, lots of easy meals that aren’t too time consuming so we have more time to play with the kids and to pack. I can’t say I enjoy packing very much. And next week the kids and I will be staying at my parents house 3 hours away while Kevin stays back to work and pack up the rest of the house. Whew! It’s almost Thanksgiving! And yes, my brain is jumping all over the place because that’s what it does these days.

Monday – Baked Potatoes with broccoli and cheese
Tuesday – Orange Chicken Stir fry with rice
Wednesday – Cheese Tortellini with Pesto
Thursday – BBQ Chicken sandwiches
Friday – Leftovers


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