Monday Meals – September 14th, 2015


I’m going to call last week a wash. We ended up making the things we were going to make the week before because that week was so busy we ended up eating out or just eating leftovers every night. Over the weekend, my goal was to make a big batch of lasagna because someone I know has been busy taking care of her family in the hospital, so I felt the need to make some food for her and we love lasagna in this house! Well, that didn’t happen, so I’ll hopefully be doing that tonight. I never made it to the grocery store so I either have to go right after work, or send my husband to do it when he’s done with work. Every time this happens, I’m tempted to look into Peapod, but then I just feel guilty since we live across the street from the grocery store. Anyway – here is my plan for the week – I’m sure it will change around since I have to make that lasagna!

Monday – BLTs – let’s face it…BACON!
Tuesday – Tacos – did you know they make soft shells that are like little boats? It holds everything inside?? They’re amazing.
Wednesday – Leftovers – this may become habit since it’s Kevin’s bowling night
Thursday – Leftovers – swim class starts for Leilani so we have to have quick meals or leftovers on this night too
FridayUnstuffed Cabbage Rolls
Saturday – Brats, Pasta Salad, Grilled Zucchini
Sunday – Chili

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