Mother’s Day Gift Guide

This will be my first mother’s day with my child being outside of my body. Last year was nothing – I was super pregnant and it felt weird to celebrate Mother’s Day even though I was technically a mother. And I have to admit that my views on what I would want for Mother’s Day has changed, drastically. Well, not all things, but a few of them at least. So here is my Mother’s Day gift guide for all you Dads out there that need a little help. Obviously these are things that I would love (KEVIN ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION 🙂 ??) but maybe the ideas will help you in your selection. Happy Gift Giving!

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1. Tula Baby Carrier – because…who wouldn’t love a Tula?? Obviously this is only if you have littles. There is a standard version and a toddler version and so many beautiful prints!
2. Willow Tree Angels – These are absolutely beautiful and there is one for just about any occasion. I happen to love this one very much.
3. Starbucks Gift Card – One word….caffeine. All moms need it!
4. Jewelry with the birthstone(s) of the kiddos. If you don’t know what your kiddo’s birthstone is, let me help you. You’re welcome.
5. Tula Bag – this bag is brand new and is hard to find…so if you find it, kudos to you! But it’s a cross-body bag that is big enough to be a smaller diaper bag and purse combined. (aka – less likely for you to have to carry around the diaper bag)
6. Amazon Gift Card – I wouldn’t get this one unless you know there are some books that ‘mom’ wants. Otherwise, it’s sort of generic…BUT, I would love it, especially for book club books for Reading Between the Wines.
7. A massage gift card – most moms would love a day of relaxation, no one yelling MOMMY! and it’s oh so quiet. My favorite place to go is Massage Envy if you’re in the Milwaukee area!
8. A mani/pedi – again, it’s about the quiet time and relaxation – this would pair perfectly with the massage gift card 🙂 There is this amazing place called Ly Ly Nails that I love, but almost any place will do.
9. Origami Owl ‘Living Lockets’ – these are so cool. So they are lockets that you can completely customize. You choose the base, the face and all the little charms that go inside of it! This is also a gift that you could just give 1 charm and keep adding different ones for different occasions!
10. A Shutterfly Book – You have to actually put some time and effort into this one, but any book, mug or personalized item is always an awesome gift. 🙂
11. LUSH Bath Bombs – this of course comes with a night ‘off’ – peace and quiet and a lovely bathroom all to ourselves…maybe some champagne/wine too. (I had to add this!! How could I forget about these??)

And, even though my baby is still too young for this, anything homemade would be awesome. I can’t wait for the homemade cards and ‘I love you mom’ coming from my kiddo’s mouth.

And if you’re really into schmoozing, a hotel room at a really nice hotel, with champagne and a Kindle, and some awesome LUSH Bath Bombs would be the ultimate Mother’s Day Gift. Oh, and that’s alone. One whole night to do whatever we want to do. (Even though we’d probably just think about our babies all night anyway – but that’s our choice!).

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