As a new mom, yes I can still call myself a new mom even 8 months after having a baby, there are things that no matter what anyone tells you, you have to learn for yourself. If it wasn’t for my mommy groups, or my sister or friends that already have kids…I would have never learned about some of these things and that is why I am trying to write it all down now…so I can pass it along to the next new mom and hopefully make her life a little bit easier.

There are some ‘myths’ and advice out there that I want to address as well. Also some questions I have…like why the hell didn’t anyone tell me this??

For now I’ll start with a little definition. The phrase of the day today is:

nap jail


  1. being confined to an area or space such as a couch or chair because of the finally sleeping child in your arms.

    “I’d love to eat right now, but I’m stuck in nap jail and afraid the baby will wake up.”

For those of you thinking that it will never happen to you…think again, because it will! Whether you learn to love it or not, that’s up to you.

Lee Ann

I am a Marketing Specialist by day and by night I am a super sassy, kind of sarcastic, and a little nerdy, mommy of 1 beautiful little girl and 2 handsome little boys! My husband and my kiddos are my world!

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