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I’m 27 weeks tomorrow. Potentially only 13 weeks or less left. I’m not sure how we got here already because some days I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever. There are things that I haven’t really ‘experienced’ with this pregnancy that I wish I could go back and experience. And then some days I’m ready to have a fresh new baby to snuggle and sniff. And then I think, “Holy crap – how do I take care of not 1 kid, but 2?!” So many questions run through my mind. “How do you love another kid the way you love your first?” I know everyone says you just do, but my heart feels so full with Leilani that I can’t imagine how full it will be when this baby is born. I can’t wait to see his face though. Or his first smile. Or the way that Leilani will look seeing him for the first time. I need to stop, I’m getting all sappy monkey over here. OH, and speaking of sappy monkey…DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT watch the movie Inside Out if you have kids and especially if you are pregnant. That movie sucks ass. Ok, not really but the whole premise of your kid losing who she is and being overcome with sadness and loneliness is depressing as hell. I’m not ready for Leilani to lose her goofiness and I don’t think I ever will. Ok, I’m done, before the waterworks start over here.

Anyway, the point of this blog post was to talk about the dreaded glucose test that I have to take today. Some people tell you to eat certain foods to help you pass. I say whatever. You’re going to pass or fail, it’s in you, not what you eat. Unless you are eating pure sugar all day everyday, I wouldn’t change what you’re doing too much. I ate scrambled eggs with mushrooms and onions with white toast. *Gasp! White toast! My appointment is at 1:30 p.m. so I’ll be eating lunch too. The other thing about this test is that everyone complains about the taste of the drink. I had the orange drink. It literally tastes like a super sweet orange soda. Nothing to make me want to gag or barf. So those women that say things like that? I think they are just being dramatic and over-exaggerating. Ha! Who knows, maybe the other flavors are really disgusting.

So off I go! Let’s hope that I pass so I don’t have to do the 3 hour test! I’ll update with how it went when I get home.

IMG_20151229_131645695**Update** So I got to my appointment early, so I could drink the drink and have my appointment while waiting the hour. This time I had the option of fruit punch or lemon lime. I chose fruit punch cause ew…lemon lime. My nurse laughed at me because I literally chugged it in less than a minute. Why not? Why waste my time tasting something I don’t want to taste? It was kind of like a really sugary, kind of carbonated Gatorade. Or maybe Hi-C. Either way, it wasn’t that bad. And then I got another TDAP shot. So my arm is going to hurt tonight for sure. And then…they weighed me. My husband literally said to me, “Who schedules a glucose test right after the holidays?” I’ve only gained 2 1/4 pounds!!!! I looked at my doctor and said, “Are you serious? I ate a shitload of chocolate this weekend!” And then my doctor burst out laughing. Did I mention that I love my doctor? The lady that drew my blood was amazing. I hate getting my blood drawn and I felt nothing. My left arm however, will be useless tonight. Hopefully I’ll get my results back in a few days. Oh, and I asked my nurse about the food; whether or not what you eat has any effect on the results. She said as long as you don’t eat within like an hour of the test, you should be fine. She had a patient once eat a bag of chips right before her test and her levels were all over the place. And things like Fruity Pebbles are probably not a good choice the day of, since there is so much sugar in it. So I guess there is some truth to it? I’ll update results as soon as I get them!

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