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You’re probably wondering what the hell that means. Well I’m talking about the Baby K’tan. What. A. Lifesaver. My kiddo has been sick for a few days and we ended up having to take her to urgent care this past Friday to find out she has a viral infection. Absolutely nothing I can do for her besides continue to suck out her snot, keep her humidifier running and, keep her upright – literally these are the doctor’s words, ‘Just hold her all day’ <–ain’t nobody got time for that! I love my baby and I want her to get better but how am I supposed to get anything done if I’m holding my baby 24/7? The answer? The Baby K’Tan. She was easily able to sleep on me when she was tired and I could sit with her or do other things – like laundry – and when I was doing something and she was awake she loved to be front faced to watch. I know there are some people out there that are against front facing but I don’t see a problem in it if it’s for a little bit. And for the people that will want to ‘flame’ me for it? How about you come over and either do my laundry, make our meals and do the dishes orrrrrrrr you can hold my baby while I’m doing those things. Just sayin’.

Products I absolutely love when my baby is feeling yucky:

  1. Nose Frida – sounds gross, looks gross but seriously is a game changer. This thing sucks up snot better than those bulb thingys and is cleaner since you can take it apart and wash it and there are filters you can replace if it grosses you out. I used to make my husband do this because I thought it was gross, and then one day I just did it and got so much snot out I never went back.
  2. Boogie Wipes – yup, Boogies Wipes. When there is dry crusty boogers on your kids face and they scream when you come at them with anything to wipe their face, these are awesome. And if you know me, you know my obsession with anything Grape…well there happens to be grape scented ones. Awesome. Makes baby smell yummy! LOL
  3. Saline Spray – I’ve used the Little Remedies saline spray called ‘Little Noses‘ and have also purchased the new scented Boogie Wipes saline spray called ‘Boogie Mist‘ to use once that is gone. Saline helps out so much when they are stuffy!
  4. Baby K’Tan – I can’t say enough good things about this carrier. The fact that it is easy to use (you don’t have to wrap it a bazillion different ways and then tie and then figure out how to get your kid in it), it’s safe for kids from 8 lbs. – 35 lbs. and your baby feels secure in it. For a quick walk or getting stuff done around the house, this is the perfect product!

I will however, look into getting a different carrier that will be more comfortable for longer periods of time for when she is heavier. Right now I’m really interested in purchasing a Tula – so we’ll see if that happens or not! I’ve heard such amazing things about them!

Here is my sick peanut hanging out with her mama!

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