Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2016

Originally Published February 11, 2016 by Fifty Shades of Mommy

So I’m going to start by saying that this is probably more of a gift guide for Mom’s – because I know for a fact that half of the things on this list were not attractive to me as a single woman, or a married woman with no kids. Some of them however, would have been awesome to receive no matter what.

I decided to poll some moms that are near and dear to my heart to see what the general public of moms would love to get as a gift for Valentine’s Day. Most of the things didn’t surprise me, but a few did. The reason why they surprised me? I thought I was crazy for wanting some of these things, but in actuality, I’m not alone! Woohoo! There are definitely things that DO NOT need to be purchased and would make awesome gifts! So – for you last minute guys/dads/girlfriends/etc. – listen up too!

  1. Check something off the Honey-Do List. — Let’s face it, we all have a Honey-Do List. Even if it’s moving the couches around or painting the bathroom, it’s something. So get to it! Check something (or more than 1 thing) off that list! It will make your significant other happy and you’ll feel good too!
  2. Sleep — Everyone wants a day to just sleep in, or take a nap. Our moods will be better if we get sleep…so let mommy sleep in or take a nap please. Take the kiddo somewhere and come back in a few hours.
  3. A hot meal — You may laugh, but think about it. If she’s always taking care of the kids and trying to get them fed (and let’s face it, sometimes toddlers are assholes and don’t eat and end up throwing their food all over the place) it takes up a lot of her time and by the time she gets to ‘enjoy’ her meal, it’s cold as ice.
  4. A Spa Day — Even if it’s just a mani/pedi. We need some pampering sometimes, and quiet, and someone to just focus on us while we can actually focus on us.
  5. Bath Bombs — This goes along with alone time. Because no one wants to take a relaxing bath where your toddler is trying to jump in too. (My favorite are from LUSH).
  6. A Stitch Fix Gift Card — We don’t always have time to go shopping, by ourselves, or FOR ourselves. Most of the time we go shopping for diapers or groceries and don’t have time to go try something on in the fitting room. So…Stitch Fix to the rescue! Hook it up!
  7. A clean house — A LOT of women would love this as a gift for ANY occasion. But what better way to show someone that you love them?? 🙂 Either you clean the house…and I mean REALLY clean. Or, hire a cleaner to come in and take her somewhere so that when she comes home, the house is spotless. She’ll probably cry tears of joy.
  8. Chocolate Covered Strawberries — Make sure you order ahead at any small shops, because those are the best. But in case you forgot…the grocery store normally sells them too, they are just not as good for some reason. My favorite ones are from Apples of Eden in you live in the Milwaukee area.
  9. New Perfume — This is hit or miss. Don’t just go buy her anything…you should probably know what she likes or what she wears already and get her that. Here’s my favorite!
  10. A gift card to a massage place — If she already goes to a massage place, then get her a certificate to go there. OR, set up a massage and she can have her relaxing time away and you can clean the house when she’s gone. Milwaukee area favorite – Massage Envy!
  11. Perfectly POSH products — This is part of the pampering/alone time category. Here are some favorites: The “IT” Girl Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme, The Healer Skin Stick, Be Sweet. Stand Tall. Wear a Crown Chunk, Whole Lava Love Volcanic Ash Face Exfoliator.
  12. And last but not least — This is the mother of all amazing gifts you could possibly ever give to a mom…even a woman in general. Book a hotel room at a nice hotel where she can order room service, take a hot bath, enjoy a bottle of champagne and a good book BY HERSELF. Extra brownie points?? Send some bath bombs along. And get the house cleaned while she’s gone. She’ll thank you later…a lot.

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