Quinoa Summer Salad – Recipe

I saw a recipe for a quinoa summer salad and then the site went down so I had to make it off of what I remembered. So here is what I did. It ended up being super tasty and I will definitely make it again! After tasting it today and wondering what else I could add, slivered almonds and cilantro came up in conversation (with others, not with myself).

Quinoa Summer Salad
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Quinoa Summer Salad
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  1. Cook quinoa as directed. I rinsed mine for a few minutes under cold water before cooking. Let cool.
  2. Add veggies to quinoa and stir. I leave out the avocado until right before serving.
  3. Mix together your dressing. I put mine in a Tupperware shaker and shook my ingredients together, you can also do it the traditional way and whisk it all together. Pour on top of salad.
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