Monday Meals – August 10th 2015

Originally Published August 10, 2015 by Fifty Shades of Mommy


It’s my first day of work and I’m super nervous/anxious/all the feelings. I’ll be working until 5 every day and then I have a good 45 minute – 1 hour drive home. So…my husband will be starting dinners for me when he can or we’re going to have to have quick meals or leftovers. And we’ll have to get Leilani used to eating a little later :/ It will be an adjustment, but we’ll work through it. So here it is!

MondayCheesy Hashbrown Casserole with Ham and Green Beans
Tuesday – Tacos
Wednesday – Leftovers
Thursday – Mashed Potatoes with Pork Chops in Sauerkraut (in the crockpot!)
Friday – FISH FRY!
SaturdayChicken Spaghetti
Sunday – Leftovers

For lunches I’m going to do some salads. A caprese salad with some chunky bread and then a garden salad mixed with some spinach. Then on top a little cheese, turkey, black and green olives and I’m going to try this Lemon and Oil dressing from this recipe and add some chives!

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