40 Weeks Hangry

Well, hopefully this will be the final blog post of this pregnancy, otherwise I may go insane. This little boy has been baking for an entire 40 weeks. That is 2 more weeks longer than I was pregnant with Leilani and thankfully I am still able to feel my hands and see my ankles, which were […]

39 Weeks Bitchy Pregnant

Well there I am – 39 weeks pregnant (aka Bitchy). Don’t let my smile fool you. I’m so crabby at this point. This is the most pregnant I have ever been since I went into labor at 38 weeks with Leilani. That pregnancy was terrible towards the end with swelling, a pinched nerve, having to sleep […]

The Dreaded Glucose Test

I’m 27 weeks tomorrow. Potentially only 13 weeks or less left. I’m not sure how we got here already because some days I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever. There are things that I haven’t really ‘experienced’ with this pregnancy that I wish I could go back and experience. And then some days I’m ready […]

20 Week Ultrasound

Well, it’s true – having your second baby is SO different than having your first. We’ve reached 20 weeks today (halfway there!) and I have exactly 4 pictures of my bump. At this point with Leilani, I was taking a picture almost every week starting at something ridiculous like week 5. But who has time for that […]

It’s been one week…

Since you looked at me, cocked your head to the side and said ‘I’m angry’…ok, just kidding. Yes, I’ve dated myself. When I hear “It’s been one week” all I think of is that song. You know, the one by the Barenaked Ladies?? You’re totally missing out. Anyway, what I mean is…it’s been one whole […]