Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020

I’ve thought a lot about this. Mother’s Day is bittersweet for me because I don’t have a great relationship with my mom. But being a mom myself, I want this day to be extra special…because of that. Sometimes my husband needs help with gift ideas. And by sometimes, I mean most of the time. (Love you babe!) When the kids aren’t old enough to think about this or know what to do, we rely heavily on our husbands to take action!

This year, because the Safer at Home order is in effect, it’s a bit different than usual. We won’t be getting any of the cute, handmade gifts from our kids this year that their teachers put so much thought into (which totally makes me sad). We also want to support as many small businesses around us as possible so that they are still there when this is all over. With that in mind – here are some thoughtful and/creative ways to celebrate Mom.

1. Let Her Sleep

I’m very lucky that my husband gets up with our kids 99% of the time and gets them ready/going. Since having our third, my sleep has been awful and I have a hard time getting up in the mornings. But, if this isn’t your regular routine, surprise her and get up with the kids.

And the most important part of this is keeping them quiet. How? Take them outside. Drive them around and let them watch a movie in the van since we can’t really go anywhere right now. Or put snacks in their faces and a movie on TV. Play a quiet game with them. Put together a puzzle with them. This is the most important part of letting her sleep (Yes, I’m saying it again) – because if you let her stay in bed and the kids are running rampant, you did not let her sleep in. We hear everything. Unfortunately.

2. Treat Her to Coffee or Breakfast

Whatever her morning routine is. Do it for her! Let her drink that coffee or eat her breakfast in bed if she wants. Or out on the back patio.

3. Handmade Gifts/Cards From the Kids

I know it’s super hard for some guys to be creative, but I can guarantee all guys know how to Google. Search “handmade gifts for Mother’s Day” and I’m sure something fun will come up. (See some examples below).

4. Dinner Plans

We really don’t want to have to plan out dinner on Mother’s Day. So make something or better yet, order from one of her favorite restaurants! This is the perfect way to support your local restaurants! La Merenda is doing pickup orders of tapas that are to die for! Le Reve is doing special Mother’s Day takeaway. Tata’s Pierogi Box Pickup is available at the Polish Center of Wisconsin. And not so much a ‘small business’, but definitely local is Fleming’s, who has one of my favorite things…Burrata with Prosciutto – this is what my dreams are made of. (See below). So. Many. Options.

5. Don’t Forget About Dessert!

Because you can’t forget about dessert! Make or order her favorite dessert. Again, this is the perfect time to support local! My favorite is macarons and there is a cute little shop nearby (Kasey’s Confections) that is doing an awesome Mother’s Day ‘bouquet’ of macaron flowers. Yum!

Want Cupcakes instead? Order from Classy Girl Cupcakes. (They also have a LOT of different options other than cupcakes!) Or get a super delicious Kringle from O&H Danish Bakery. These are hands down the BEST Kringles out there! Nothing else compares.

6. Get Some Beautiful Flowers

Look, I’m not a HUGE fan of getting flowers for everything, but right about now, I think we all could use a little brightness in our world. Support your local floral shops if possible!

7. Mommy Time

Because we all want some alone time, but almost always feel guilty for taking it. Set up a special place for her to just relax. Feeling super creative? help the kids make homemade bath bombs (or just order some online). My favorites are from LUSH. Don’t forget to light a candle for her. Maybe add a glass of champagne and her Kindle/tablet as well.

Most of all, we want to feel loved and appreciated and we want to relax! So what are you waiting for? Don’t wait a second longer! Make a plan and get the kids involved and make Mother’s Day special this year!

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