An Amazing 1st Mother’s Day!

Originally Published May 12, 2015 by Fifty Shades of Mommy

With the little one being sick and hive-y (yep, pretty sure I just made up my own word there), I didn’t think Mother’s Day was going to be so great. Last Mother’s Day was pretty uneventful as I was still pregnant and we had a lovely brunch at the Polish Center. Yum! I sort of wanted to start a tradition of going there every year. So when I asked my husband on Saturday night what time our reservations were for and he answered with, “What reservations?” I knew that tradition had just been flushed down a big fat toilet. He didn’t listen to me when I told him that’s what I wanted to do. He didn’t make reservations. And reservations would be scarce and a shot in the dark if we tried to make them the morning of Mother’s Day. Soooo…I said, “Let’s go to Outback. I could totally go for a nice steak.” So we did! Saturday night at 5:15 p.m. you wouldn’t think there would be a wait…but there was. Only a half an hour though. So we had a nice dinner (They had a fun ‘Mum’s Day three course meal’) and headed home. Leilani ate like a champ – tried some filet mignon with some garlic mashed potatoes. Her new theme song is ‘Fancy’.

*This is how she fell asleep on the way home from IL earlier that day – I just had to share this. Someday she’ll hate me for posting it I’m sure

The next morning my husband got up with Leilani and got her fed and ready to go over to his dad’s house. They do this (almost) every week so that they can work on the books for the business and then Grandpa Jay and Grandma Bonnie get to spend some time with Leilani AND mommy gets to sleep in. What?! Yep. So I got to sleep until 8:45!!! I finally rolled out of bed around 9:15 and got in the shower. Kevin and Leilani got home while I was just getting out and they had a breakfast sandwich for me. So I quickly ate and off I went to my massage. When I arrived, they said there was a cancellation and asked if I wanted to do a 90 minutes massage instead of my 60 minute one I had booked. Um, yes please! I sent a quick text to my husband just to make sure (in case he had anything planned) and he responded ‘Go for it. I need the time to set up your present.’ I had no idea what that meant but I didn’t care at that moment. I got to enjoy 90 wonderful minutes of me time.

When I got home, there was a vase full of beautiful roses in pinks and orange. I was told Leilani picked them out for me. And then I was told that the rest of my present was in the bathroom. Intrigued, I slowly opened the door to a yummy aromatherapy candle burning, a bottle of wine, some LUSH bath bombs, some movies, a red rose and my favorite hand lotion from LUSH. And a very nice card. My husband outdid himself. He said this was so I could continue my relaxation.

I rocked Leilani to sleep while he drew me a bath. The whole time I took a bath, she slept soundly. It was quiet and very relaxing. I hit the jackpot when I married this man. After my shower I got my much needed coffee and spent the rest of my day with my husband and my beautiful little girl. We went shopping and we sat around and played. And then instead of making dinner, we ordered Olive Garden to go! It was the most amazing first Mother’s Day I could have ever asked for. I feel very loved every day, but especially that day. I hope you were all spoiled and well loved too!

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